Thursday, 18 July 2013

Don't like like on Facebook

I don't like like on Facebook, because sometimes I do not like the like. Or should I say, it is inappropriate to like a story that can only be disliked. Everybody knows the situations where you would like to show that you have read it, to show sympathy, but a like is telling the contrary.

I even more do not like like on Facebook because they sometimes are invented. Or be more precise, sometimes Facebook speaks for me while I have not spoken. I do get unwanted advertisements within my news feeds. I do not click on them. My "friends" see a message "from me" saying I like this or that company or product. Facebook is making up things.
I do not like the advertisements at all. And now, I even dislike them. Oh yes, that's the problem.  I cannot dislike and I certainly cannot dislike likes from Facebook itself.
May be, if I was living in the States, I could sue Facebook and get millions from them. But I live in the Netherlands and I don't know how to sue Facebook and get millions from them. That's why I am still a programmer, a freelance videomaker and writing this blog. Nevertheless, somebody gets payed because I do not like. Strange world.
There seems to be more going on. Look for Like, Share & Win terror, Facebook is not playing fair play. I am just a simple user of Facebook. I "like" Facebook because so many real friends of mine are on Facebook. But it might be only a matter of time. In the Netherlands Hyves was very popular, but almost vaporized. Facebook had it's unbelievable IPO for over $104 billion! For that money they still have not been able to write a decent Android program and they try to earn money with like's nobody every liked. In my opinion, they are and will be disappointing for shareholders. Not so important for me. They are disappointing users and the huge user base might just vaporize. Nothing is forever.
You can dislike this blog if you dislike like on Facebook. Oh no, this is getting confusing...
Tell me if you disagree, or like this if you do not like like on Facebook.

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