Friday, 13 September 2013

Emirates Airbus A380-800 flight from Amsterdam to Dubai

Flying with Emirates from Amsterdam to Dubai in a brand-new Airbus A380-800 is an experience. A pleasant experience.
All luxury on board: shower spa, lounges and even a private suite!
Ok, ok. The Economy class is not bad either. With more space for your legs and less noise than other commercial aircrafts, travelling with this A380 is much more relaxed. The inflight entertainment system is comprehensive and the seat in front of you contains connection points for a headphone, USB and even 110V, enabling me to load the battery of my tablet (not possible via USB).
This A380 is equipped with three outside video
cameras from which you can select the view on your own monitor screen: a view from the front, from the bottom and from the tail. The downwards view is interesting, particularly during take off and landing. The front view is like the view from the cockpit. Looking at the view from the tail of this aircraft you get a feeling of how huge this aircraft is, especially when taxying towards the terminal building.
Despite its size and powerful engines, the noise level of the A380 meets the strict new ICAO Stage Four noise level standards (meaning less noise) and the A380 burns up to 20% less fuel per seat than its nearest competitor, given the seat capacity for between 489 and 517 passengers. A very impressive and, above all, convenient aircraft.

See Emirates A380 for more information.

Watch the video of the take off from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the ascending over Amsterdam city:

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