Thursday, 17 October 2013

Panasonic DMC-TZ40 video capabilities review

I already have a Panasonic DMC-FZ200, so why bothering to buy another camera? Well, first of all, it is for my wife to take pictures when we are on holiday. And secondly, if we are not on holiday (which unfortunately is still most of the time), then I like to have a very small camera which I can easily take with me to my professional occupations (after all, I have to earn money to spend it on camera's). Then, why this Panasonic? Because I am quite happy with my FZ200. The 2.8 aperture over the whole range of the lens (25 - 600mm equivalent on a 35mm camera) is a very good start. The 24x optical zoom is not the best but really good. But what I am really fond off is the optical stabilization in this FZ200 camera.
So, what is in it for the TZ40? It is very small, so I can take it with me in my coat. Still a 20x optical zoom. Not bad for such a small camera. 1080P - 50fps. But what I really hoped for is an optical stabilization as good as in the FZ200. Well, I am certainly not disappointed. This good optical stabilization means that it gets a lot harder for my wife to take a worthless picture. And for me? I still like to record video. Everywhere.
Does it help? Sure it does. For taking video it works incredibly well. For instance, filming from inside a moving car will introduce a constant moving of the camera. Will it make the footage shaky? No. What you will see is that the foreground (you car's dashboard and window) is moving up and down, but the outside world is not. Amazing to see. Just take a look at the video I took during my flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to London Heathrow, just going over the centre of The City. You will notice that the window and especially the dirt on the window will move constantly while the subject, the outside world, is reasonably shock free and far from shaky. However, be careful with a horizontal pan. Because of the optical stabilization the camera tries to prevent this, causing small jumps in the panning.

Buying a camera depends on what you like to spend on it, but equally important on what you like to achieve with it. I can now record quit good video. Always. Everywhere.

Flight KL1006 over The City (of London)

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